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Joy Brighton/Author -

LIVE IN STUDIO Join me Steve Kates for an exciting 2 hour show.

Joy Brighton is a former Wall Street trader. A graduate of Columbia Business School ‘84, Joy was a fixed-income salesperson/trader for Lehman Brothers, and an adjunct Professor of Securities and Investments at various colleges. Later, as a graduate of Fordham University with a Masters in Psychological Counseling Today she is part of an international team of experts concerned about the non-transparent risks of the Shariah Islamic Finance investment market. Joy is also active in women’s rights issues. Notably, in 1998, Joy partnered with SAVE THE CHILDREN to create one of the earliest microfinance programs for women in Africa, and the first financial literacy course for women in Mozambique. Joy is the author of Sharia-ism is Here: The Battle for Control of Women; and Everyone Else, released October 2013 .

Where does religion end and politics begin? What do European Leaders understand that American Leaders don’t? This colorful, easy-to-read Show-N-Tell is a well-sourced primer that chronicles the surprising inroads the political movement of Radical Islam called Sharia-ism has made in the United States. The brutal laws that dictate Sharia-ism are not protected under the First Amendment, and its manifesto is nearly diametrically opposed to our U.S. Constitution. Sharia-ism Is Here is the comprehensive source on Sharia-ism: its definition, comparisons to other political movements, Muslim Brotherhood strength in America, the misunderstanding of Sharia-ism by U.S. judges and courts, the abuse of American women and girls living under its shadow, and urgent appeals by American Muslim, Hindu, and Christian civil and women’s rights leaders to take action against this destructive and fast-encroaching, yet little-acknowledged threat. Contained in this book are over 80 American news stories, with photos, quotes, facts and commentary. Each news story is juxtaposed with denial or enabling of Sharia-ism in America with quotes by decision-makers in U.S. Homeland Security, U.S. Justice and Prison Departments, U.S. Congressmen, corporations, judges, and, FBI and CIA agents. In the past 5 years, European nations, including Great Britain, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden, have taken legal action to de-rail Sharia-ism. As U.S. Federal Government continues to ignore this threat, educated U.S. State Governors are enacting state laws to protect their citizens. Bullet-point summaries of each chapter facilitate easy reading and comprehension. The author, Sharia-ism expert Joy Brighton, provides “insight boxes” to help readers connect the dots. To Learn Who Rules Over You, Simply Find Out Who You Are Not Allowed To Criticize !


Guest- Jacob Mueller /Chief Investigator Global Eye Investigations Global Eye Investigations is owned and operated by a team of highly trained, experienced, dedicated, and compassionate Arizona private investigators specializing in cases of fraud, intellectual property theft, and financial exploitation. Our licensed Arizona private investigators understand that each and every individual case is a sensitive issue. With this in mind, we keep a large focus on maintaining dignity and confidentiality during the entire process.

Fraud related crimes are an increasing problem throughout the nation. Our properly trained and licensed Arizona private investigators can assist you with the protection of the things that you as an individual or company have worked so hard for. If you feel that you have been taken advantage of or are a victim of a crime please do not hesitate to contact us for your free consultation with a licensed Arizona private investigator. Rest assured that all of our fraud investigations are treated with strict confidentiality.


Guest Chuck Coppes/Author—America's Financial Reckoning Day

The history and founding of America is almost a fairy tale of providence and good fortune. As the late Dr. Peter Marshall has recounted in his classic book, The Light and the Glory, no other nation has been blessed with such an abundance of material wealth and rich spiritual heritage as the United States of America. In 1787, our Founding Fathers established a near-perfect system of representative government and sound monetary policy as outlined in the U.S. Constitution. Yet, as our nation enters the 21st Century there is a great foreboding that our highly leveraged financial infrastructure is facing unprecedented challenges ... TUNE IN TO GET THE FULL STORIE



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